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The Fourth Man (DIASEC™ Print)

The Fourth Man (DIASEC™ Print)

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DIASEC™ Print (Ready to hang)

Limited Edition Art
420 x 297mm - Edition limited to 100
594 x 420mm - Edition limited to 50

Printed on DIASEC™
Diasec is the Facemount Process Accepted by Fine Art Museums Around the World.
Genuine Diasec is so well respected by major art museums that many of them will not accept any other form of facemount. This is another strong selling point for you. It’s truly fine art museum grade and it’s the only facemount that should be chosen for high-value editions.  

The artwork eloquently portrays Jesus as the "4th Man" amidst life's trials, encapsulating the essence of his redemptive presence. Encircled by a crown of thorns, symbolic of his sacrificial suffering, Jesus stands as a beacon of peace amidst the chaos of existence. In the tumultuous funnel of life, where trials and tribulations swirl relentlessly, he offers solace and shalom to those who seek him. The exchange depicted is one of surrendering life's burdens in exchange for the assurance of his presence, transforming suffering into a pathway to redemption and tranquility.


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