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Ark of Covenant (DIASEC™ Print)

Ark of Covenant (DIASEC™ Print)

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388mm x 266mm

DIASEC™ Print (ready to hang)

Limited Edition Art
388 x 266mm - Edition limited to 100
588 x 403.11mm - Edition limited to 50

Printed on DIASEC™
Diasec is the Facemount Process Accepted by Fine Art Museums Around the World.
Genuine Diasec is so well respected by major art museums that many of them will not accept any other form of facemount. This is another strong selling point for you. It’s truly fine art museum grade and it’s the only facemount that should be chosen for high-value editions.  

In this awe-inspiring portrayal, the Ark of the Covenant emerges as a sacred artifact, steeped in history and mystery. Crafted with intricate detail and adorned with symbols of divine significance, the Ark stands as a tangible symbol of God's covenant with humanity. Its golden sheen reflects the divine light that emanates from within, casting a reverent glow upon all who behold it. As viewers gaze upon the Ark, they are drawn into its ancient allure, captivated by the secrets it holds and the promises it represents. Through the delicate rendering of every detail, the artist invites viewers to contemplate the profound significance of this sacred relic, evoking a sense of reverence and wonder for the divine covenant it embodies.

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