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Divine Magnetism (DIASEC™ Print)

Divine Magnetism (DIASEC™ Print)

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DIASEC™ Print (ready to hang)

Limited Edition Art
282 x 193mm - Edition limited to 100
350 x 239.54mm - Edition limited to 50

Printed on DIASEC™
Diasec is the Facemount Process Accepted by Fine Art Museums Around the World.
Genuine Diasec is so well respected by major art museums that many of them will not accept any other form of facemount. This is another strong selling point for you. It’s truly fine art museum grade and it’s the only facemount that should be chosen for high-value editions.

In this captivating scene, fishes are irresistibly drawn towards a celestial magnet, symbolizing the abundant provision of the Lord. With each fish depicted in vibrant detail, the artwork captures the miraculous abundance that unfolds when divine providence is at work. As the fishes converge towards the magnet, they symbolize the multitude of blessings that are drawn towards those who place their trust in the Lord. Through meticulous attention to detail and skillful composition, the artist portrays the hand of divine provision guiding and sustaining all of creation. Viewers are invited to marvel at the boundless generosity of the Lord, who offers sustenance and abundance to all who seek His grace. In this enchanting depiction of divine magnetism, the artist offers a poignant reminder of the miraculous ways in which the Lord provides for His children.

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