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Windborne Majesty (DIASEC™ Print)

Windborne Majesty (DIASEC™ Print)

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DIASEC™ Print (ready to hang)

Limited Edition Art
400 x 400mm - Edition limited to 50
800 x 800mm - Edition limited to 10

Printed on DIASEC™
Diasec is the Facemount Process Accepted by Fine Art Museums Around the World.
Genuine Diasec is so well respected by major art museums that many of them will not accept any other form of facemount. This is another strong selling point for you. It’s truly fine art museum grade and it’s the only facemount that should be chosen for high-value editions.

In this captivating portrayal, the Dove Eagle takes flight upon the wings of the wind, guided by the unseen currents of the sky. WWindborne outstretched in majestic grace, the eagle soars to great heights, embodying the spirit of freedom and strength. Its form, a seamless blend of the gentle dove and the noble eagle, symbolizes harmony and power united in perfect balance. Through skillful brushstrokes and dynamic composition, the artist captures the exhilarating energy of flight and the boundless potential of the open sky. As the wind whispers secrets to the eagle's wings, it is carried aloft on a journey of discovery and exploration. "Windborne Majesty" invites viewers to join the Dove Eagle on its soaring flight, embracing the limitless possibilities that await when one surrenders to the guidance of the wind.


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